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Archiver was initially released in early 2002 and has been in sustained development ever since. It is now the most cost effective way to implement a fully-fledged archiving solution for network file storage. Through clever use of features baked into the Windows OS and NTFS file system you get all the features you would expect, but unlike other solutions Archiver doesn't try to shoehorn files (or even pointers to files) into a database. Archiver provides you with a host of options and deployment options to enable you to implement the solution in the way you want too. You get lots of flexible options to control the archiving process like file age, file type, file size, and more, as well as a choice links that can be left behind when a file is archived (which includes completely seamless links that look and behave exactly like the original file). The Standard version of Archiver supports an unlimited ammount of data and up to 5 scheduled jobs. Both Perpetual and Subscription licences are available. There is also an incredibly powerful Maintenance job that runs once per day to keep the permissions between the live and archived files synchronised, as well as return any files user shave accessed to the live file system. What's more, as no files or even file meta data is stored in a database Archiver is incredibly scalable.

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